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by admin October 24, 2016

With every IOS update and every change to the digital landscape, it is more important to have a plan. Gone are the easy days of social media marketing, now everything requires an extra layer of preparation and attention to detail

Using all the tools in the “digital marketing toolbox” is as essential as when one seeks to get the most out of a digital marketing platform that relies heavily on paid social media marketing.

1. Growing your venue, tour, or festival’s fanbase

In 2010 it was all about the email list; half a decade later, it was all about your social following; nowadays, it’s an even mix to achieve a fanbase who consume your content and information the way they want to consume it as opposed to the way you want them to consume it.

Holistic multiple points of entry call-to-actions. Click bait along with marketing engagement.

2. Content is always king

Content is now short, organic, and to the point.  When considering your brand, there are many aspects of the content to consider.  A brand wants to balance the organic vibe that people look for in a piece of social content with the polish that lets your base know what your brand stands for.

3. Combining your SEO, PPC, and Social Marketing

At the top of the funnel, you want to get everyone into your “bucket” once that is achieved, it’s about feeding the content to your clients and taking them through the journey that inevitably leads to a ticket sale, an album sale, or consumption of your media.  Your digital marketing campaign’s aspects should have this in mind.

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