Marketing Department

Social Media For Venues

A robust and aggressive social media marketing strategy is one of the main driving forces for growth in the concert ticket world.  It is essential to a venue that all marketing dollars are spent from a place of research.

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Once a venue has mastered the basics of social media marketing and base CPM marketing, the advanced strategies are the next step in the evolution of a venue’s attempt to capture the right audience’s attention.   This is done through programmatic marketing.  This is a new world for most venues and often requires the consultation of an expert.

Data Driven Reporting

We provide weekly comprehensive reports on the whole of your marketing efforts to keep a venue informed and to build and education for all parties involved as to what exactly works and does not work for a particular venue

Talent Consulting Based on Data

Knowing what to buy and what to pay for it based on data is the number one way to get an edge on what is a growingly expensive pool of national acts.  There are 16 points of data used in every talent decision made with our proprietary. talent acquisition technique

SEO Growth

There are a few things money can’t buy, and one of those things is SEO.  Best practices and elbow grease is the only way to rocket you to the top of google search.  We use all of the most up-to-date SEP techniques to put your venue in the best search engine position possible

PR Strategies that Move Tickets

Venues need a public relations campaign to educate and inform the community and surrounding communities and deliver the venue’s mission statement.  Our unique spin is that we have sales on the brain with every PR move we make for a venue